July 3rd presentations:

June 26th presentations:

June 19: Writing prompts:

May 29th: Final meetings presented by Camille and a follow up for Pierre or Yoann.
Final presentations will be due on June 26 and July 3.
Final presentation rubric:

May 8: Meetings start today. Groups are as follows:
Imane, Zoe, Camille, Madi, Zack - Zack will present today
Pierre, Idan, Leo, McKenna, Yoann - Yoann will present today

For presenters: You are in charge of creating a meeting agenda. This agenda will be emailed to your fellow teammates a day before the meeting. It will explain what the meeting is about and what materials or information that needs to be brought to the meeting. Your meeting agenda with a clear objective, clear agenda, clear assignments for your team, and a clear outcome will be one of your project grades for this trimester.

May 1: We actually do not have school today. So.... Please have journal entries to me by today and meetings will start next week.

March 13: Journal entry due to missamy@lapazschool.org by 8:00am. Here are the questions that I would like you to answer:

Describe, in detail, the steps that you had to take to make your presentation/activity successful. If you have not done your presentation, please describe what you are doing to make a successful presentation.

What was your biggest achievement by holding an activity that the class participated in?

What new skill did you develop? If it wasn’t a new skill, what skill was improved by planning this activity?

What was the biggest challenge that you faced when planning your activity?

If you have photos, video or any other visual aids, please post them as well.

Journal Entry March 13th: from the board.
Revisit preparation for your activity.
Revisit your activity.
Write about your experience. IN DETAIL - how you felt, perception of your audience, what could have been done better and what you did well!
Justify your actions, solve the problems, go deeper into how you felt.
*Does NOT have to be positive.
*What were your challenges?
*How did you overcome them?
*Show me what you did well, brag to me! I am so proud of you.

Zack's project will be to make a commercial. Come dressed as your project and with a slogan!

Feb. 27: Journal entry due to missamy@lapazschool.org by 8:00am.
We will be playing handball with Pierre during class so make sure to bring your tennis shoes, hat and water bottle.

Feb. 20: Journal entry due July 27.

What are the ethical implications of your project? What does our society think of your project? Why do you believe that morally your project is positive for your community?

https://medium.com/p/b84d4011d17e Does this work?

http://www.gadling.com/2008/04/28/good-deed-travel-building-houses-in-mexico-the-why-factor/ The perspective of the person building the house.

Other issues that might arise from the project. http://www.nbcnews.com/id/15654489/

Feb. 13: Journal entry due to missamy@lapazschool.org by 8:00am.

Field trip with Imane to Brasilito. You will need to bring a hat, notebook and pencil and paper. We will leave the campus at 12:20 in order to return by science.

Feb. 6: Field trip to Miss Amy's house for Madi's presentation.

January 30:
Reminder that your journal entry is due tomorrow. Please update me on what concrete plans you have for the next 2 weeks to move your project forward. Choose one of the following 8 learning outcomes and write about what you have experienced or how you have grown through your project in the last 2 weeks in regards to that learning outcome.
  1. Increased their awareness of their strengths and areas for growth.
  2. Undertaken new challenges.
  3. Planned and initiated activities.
  4. Worked collaboratively with others.
  5. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities.
  6. Engaged with issues of global importance.
  7. Considered the ethical implications of their actions.
  8. Developed new skills.

Journal entry due.
Basketball field trip with Leo. Please bring shoes that you can run and play basketball in.

January 23: Skatepark field trip with Idan. Please bring shoes that you can skate in, sunblock, a hat, and water. Cameras and go pros if you have them!

January 9th: Please email Zoraida Diaz at zora_diaz@hotmail.com
Career Interests
Do you own a camera? If so which lens? Make and model.
What type of photograph are you interested in? (Photojournalism, Documentary, Sports, Studio, Landscape, Fashion, Art, Multimedia, etc.)
Favorite Photograph and Why? Please bring this image to class next week. It can be a famous photo or a family photo as well.)
Choose 5 pictures that you have taken from your current project or that you like an detach JPG files to the questionnaire. The JPGS should weigh around 2 MGS each.
Send a paragraph that describes your project or the pictures attached.

Schedule of project presentations and Rubric for the project presentations.

Jan. 9th - Yoann Feb. 20th - Zoe
Jan. 23rd - Idan Feb. 27th - Camille
Jan. 30th - Leo March 6th - Zack
Feb. 6th - Madi March 13th - Pierre
Feb. 13th - Imane

November 21: Research, the last assignment of the trimester.
Rubric below:

Today the first question and sources are due to missamy@lapazschool.org
Monday Nov. 25 the second question and sources are due to missamy@.lapazschool.org
Thursday Nov. 28 the third question and sources are due to missamy@lapazschool.org

November 14: Research and become inspired!
Ask 3 questions about that pertains to your project that you are curious about.
Find 2 credible sources that give you information about each question.
Write a paragraph for each question about what you learned on your blog!
I received these documents from Miss Kerry and was told you had used them in English. Show me what you learned! I posted them just in case you had forgotten some pieces of information.

November 7: Risk Management

November 7: Journal entry on your newfound blog! Does everyone remember the 8 learning outcomes that you need to explore during the duration of this class?
Increased awareness of your strengths and your areas of growth.
Undertaken new challenges.
Planned and initiated activities.
Worked collaboratively with others.
Showing perseverance and commitment.
Engaged with issues of global important.
Considered the ethical implications of my actions.
Developed new skills.
Chose one of the above and reflect on what you did this week in that context.

Homework for Oct. 31st: Define your project by making a Gantt chart, Chronological Chart, or a Flow Chart. What you really need to do is create a task list and put dates that they will be completed by.

Homework for Oct. 17th: Zoe, Zach, Idan, Leo - Journal entry with your community interviews and...
Presentation on your projects. Sell them to your class. Required: Power Point presentation that outlines your idea, your plan, a broad outline of your budget and materials.
Madi - Journal entry about finding your project. 3 community interviews and an idea!
Laura, Imane, Pierre, Yohann, Camille, Yaritza - Complete the Feasibility Study about one or more projects that you have chosen along with a journal entry about your community interviews if you didn't send it last week.

Homework for Oct. 10th: Community Questions and Interview spreadsheet. Interview 3 members of your community and using the Community Questions below. There is a spreadsheet attached as well that you can record their answers. This is your journal entry for the week. You can either send it electronically or hand it in hard copy. Thanks!

Oct. 4: Venn Diagrams will be due by the start of class today. What the world needs. What are my passions? Please think about what your strengths are that we identified last week and how you can put those to use in the community here.

Sept. 26: Journals are due by 8 am to missamy@lapazschool.org.

Sept. 19: Rubric for Journal entries: Journals are due to missamy@lapazschool.org Thursday Sept. 26 by 8am.

Journal Entry prompts and expectations

Sept 12: Hike at Las Catalinas

Sept. 5: Here are the documents that we will go over in class today.

The 8 learning outcomes document will be important throughout the year. Make sure to continue to update this form when you have done an activity that falls under either Creativity, Action, or Service AND you have written a reflection.

Here is the CAS contract that you will need to understand and sign. You will also need to share with your parents and have them sign.