Final Essay due on July 4th to Miss Amy by 3:00pm.

Breakfast at Miss Amy's house on Monday July 7th

Due date for essay: June 27th final rough draft
Finished essay: July 4th

May 26th: Introductory paragraph

The introduction to your essay does not need to be longer than one paragraph in length. When writing this introduction, present the purpose of your reflection without giving your reader too much detail about the body of your paper. Answer the question; How did my 2 year CAS experience affect self, family, community and world? In the introduction, it is also helpful to tell me if you met your goals or the goals of the class/project. Did you engage in real, purposeful activities with significant outcomes? Later, in the body of the reflection, you can explain how these goals were or were not met in greater detail. Think of the introduction as a brief preview to the rest of your reflection.

May 19th: Writing prompts

What did I do? What actions did I take to get to the final result? (or almost final result)

How did I plan the project? Create a list of the steps that you took to get to the end result of your project. How could I have planned the project differently?

How did I motivate myself? Describe your internal conversation.

How do I feel about myself now that the project/class is almost over?

How will I use what I have learned in the upcoming years?

May 12: Writing prompts:

Did you tackle issues of global importance during your CAS project? If so, what issues?

What made this issue resonate with you? Why did it grab your attention?

Site research that talks about this issue of global importance. What part are you playing in the solution?

What more could be done? How do you sustain/evolve your project to better combat the problem?

May 5: Posted below is the project sheet and your rubric for the final CAS essay.

The writing prompts were as follows:

What CAS activities did I do outside my CAS project? Tell me about them and your role in them.

How did these activities affect me?

Were you the leader in any of these activities? If so, how did I take the leadership role? What did I learn from this?

Why did you engage in these activities? Did these activities teach you anything that carried over into your CAS project?

April 28: Today we worked on the Rubric for the final essay for CAS.

The writing prompts were as follows:

How did I work collaboratively with others?
Who influenced me most during my project?
What was the relationship with my mentor like in the beginning/middle/end of the project?
How did you foster the relationship?
How did your mentor show perseverance and commitment? If they did or didn't how did that make you feel?
What would you change about the relationship?

Continue to work on your projects!

March 24: Omar will interview Bianca and Camila will interview Andrea.

March 17: Selene will interview Bianca. Journal entry is due about 2 of the 8 learning outcomes at 8:00 am to

March 10: Nils will interview Selene. Kira will interview Nils.

March 3: Nils will interview Selene, Andrea will interview Koral, Bianca will interview Kira.
Journal entry is due to at 8:00am.

Feb. 24: Field trip to Grande for Nils Surf Wax project. Bring sunscreen, hats, water bottle and a very outgoing personality!

Feb. 3rd: Because you will be out of town, we will push the interviews back one week with 2 interviews falling on Feb. 23rd. New schedule is as follows.

Feb. 10 Koral will interview Camila
Feb. 24 Nils will interview Selene,
Andrea will interview Koral
March 3 Bianca will interview Kira
March 10 Kira will interview Nils
March 17 Selene will interview Bianca
March 24 Omar will interview Andrea
March 31 Camila will interview Dominic

  1. Increased their awareness of their strengths and areas for growth.
  2. Undertaken new challenges.
  3. Planned and initiated activities.
  4. Worked collaboratively with others.
  5. Shown perseverance and commitment in their activities.
  6. Engaged with issues of global importance.
  7. Considered the ethical implications of their actions.
  8. Developed new skills.

January 27: Journal entry due.

Dominic will interview Omar at the beginning of the class. The schedule of interviews for the trimester are as follows:
Feb. 3 Koral will interview Camila
Feb. 10 Andrea will interview Koral
Feb. 24 Nils will interview Selene
March 3 Bianca will interview Kira
March 10 Kira will interview Nils
March 17 Selene will interview Bianca
March 24 Omar will interview Andrea
March 31 Camila will interview Dominic

November 1: Newspaper article about your project is due by 8 am to
*Has a headline that captures the readers attention.
*Details are clear and support the topic.
*Who, what, when, where, and how are all addressed.
*Lead sentence focuses reader on the topic and hooks the reader.
*Spelling and grammar are correct.
*Written in 3rd person. A good article has an interview in it.

November 18: Reflection Questions

November 11th: Journal entry due. This journal entry should explore your relationship with your mentor or your quest to find yourself a mentor.

Oct. 28 Journal entry due today Could include your 2 sources that you researched on your project, should include what you have done the past 2 weeks, and should include an answer to one of the 8 learning outcomes.

From class today Oct. 14th: You are the project manager. I am your CEO. I expect to see your project plan.
What is your project?
What are your goals?
What do you need to do in the next 3 months? List the items and the dates that correspond.
Research 2 projects that are similar to yours and cite references. Put a summary of what you have learned in your blog.
Write your journal entry.

Oct. 14 Homework for today is your Gantt chart or something equivalent with concrete dates, plans, and goals. This will be your journal entry for this week.

Sept. 30 Great hike today! Remember that your journal is due to me by 8am on Monday morning This journal entry is about the hike. The Journal Entry Expectations below will be about your project. Thanks!

Here are some reflective phrases that can help you:
In this experience, I found that the most significant thing that happened was...
Personally, I feel that I benefitted most from this hike because...
At the time, I felt that...
Because I had the job of Caregiver, I was able to... (Substitute which job you had.)

Have fun and write to me! Thanks!

Sept. 23rd Don't forget to bring your hiking shoes, clothes and water bottle!

Sept. 9 Thanks for a great class today! It was fun to see you all and get ready for the upcoming year! Here is the 8 learning outcomes document in case you would like to write a journal entry.