July 2, 2014

In class we...
1. Prepared for Camp Pura Verde by choosing a class name and chant and doing the following stations:
1) Name Tags (made up names)
2) T-shirts
3) Class poster

June 30, 2014

In class we...
1. Discussed the ending of The Giver. We discussed possible interpretations in a think/pair/share format. We then voted on a possibility and supported our choice with evidence from the book.
2. Returned books.
3. Completed our Social Reflections
4. Discussed class name for Camp Pura Verde

June 27, 2014

In class we...

1. Took the final test for The Giver.
2. Corrected it in class (except for the+1 questions.)

June 25, 2014

In class we...
1. In small storytelling groups, shared our stories with our classmates.
2. Turned in short stories to be graded.
3. Read Ch. 17, 18, 19 in The Giver together as a class.
*Finish the book and write thinkmarks for each chapter
*Quiz tomorrow on The Giver

June 23, 2014

In class we...
1. Read The Giver Ch. 16-17 as a class taking turns reading aloud.
2. Handed out the editing checklist for our short stories. Peer edited using the checklist.
*Complete the editing checklist by checking off each one and making revisions to your paper as you go.
*Final draft of your short story DUE WEDNESDAY. TIme to PUBLISH (PRINT). (Please PRINT it, do not email it. Thanks!)

June 16-18

6th grade field trip to MONTEVERDE! We visited a butterfly museum, had a tour of the cheese factory, hiked the trails of the Children's Eternal Rainforest and nature journaled, went on a night hike and found nocturnal creatures and became even better communicators and leaders in team building activities! You were awesome, 6th graders! What a wonderful trip!

June 13, 2014

In class we...
1. Read The Giver Ch. 11-12
2. Did a Color and Emotions Activity
HW: Read Ch. 13-14 and write thinkmarks for each chapter
*Bring book to MV if you have one

June 11, 2014

In class we...
*Talked about room arrangements for the Monteverde field trip. Gathered money/permission slips.
*Used a Student Publishing Checklist focusing on the 6+1 writing traits as we improved our short stories.
*Quick discussion about last night's reading.
*Took a quiz: "What Assignment from The Giver is best for you?"
*Showed Miss Daphne our thinkmarks for chapters 1-7 for a grade.

1) DUE FRIDAY: Read chapters 8-10 in The Giver and complete a thinkmark entry for each.
2) DUE AFTER FIELD TRIP: Completed and revised short story with checked off Student Publishing Checklist.

June 9, 2014

In class we...
*Turned in HW: Read Ch. 1-2, complete the Community Venn diagram worksheet
*Turned in signed presentation rubrics/quizzes
*On the board, added details to the community Venn diagram chart. Discussed how the community in the book, The Giver, maintains order and the relationship between personal protection and personal freedom.
*Read Ch. 3 together. Created thinkmarks and filled in for Ch. 1-3. Identified literary devices that we found along the way.
*Read Ch. 4 together and drew a simple map of the community in the thinkmark. Identified literary devices and explored predictions, connections, thoughts and clarifying questions.

HW: Read Ch. 5-7 and complete a thinkmark for each chapter

June 6, 2014

In class we...
1. Introduced our new novel study, The Giver by Lois Lowry.
2. Read Ch. 1 together. You can access the book online at The Giver Full Text
Homework: Read chapters 1 & 2. Complete the community chart that we started in class with information about the community in the book.

June 4, 2014

In class we...
1. Returned and reviewed the final presentation grades.
2. Returned and reviewed the literary devices quiz.
3. Revised short stories.
Homework: Have your parents sign your presentation rubric and your quiz and return to Miss Daphne.

May 30, 2014

In class we...
1. Took a quiz on Literary Devices (Did you notice that the texts were the homework that you turned in?)
2. Individual Conferencing
3. When finished with the quiz, students chose to either 1) improve their original short story using the literary devices we learned or 2) begin their homework of reviewing what they've already read and creating a "Sequence of Important Events" in their journals with quick summaries of each chapter.

1. Review what you have read in the The Forgotten Door and create a "Sequence of Important Events" in your journals with quick summaries of each chapter. (Make it simple using boxes and arrows-see the attached example. No, you don't need to type it-write it in your journal.)
2. Read The Forgotten Door up to page 73. Create a Sequence of Events for these chapters too. (I know I told a couple students that they didn't have to, but I changed my mind.)
** If you have trouble reading this many pages, send me an email.

May 28, 2014

In class we...
1. Had our final literary device presentation. Luis Felipe and Rochelle taught us about foreshadowing.
2. Researched authentic texts to find literary devices and sent 1 example in a full paragraph to Miss Daphne (see full instructions below where it says "homework".)
3. Individual conferencing with Miss Daphne to complete our goal planning interviews.

1. Choose a literary device different from your project and research literary (written) text that includes that device.
2. Email the whole paragraph in which you find the literary device used (missdaphne@lapazschool.org). Please cite the novel, short story, article that you are referencing.
3. The purpose is for fellow students to practice recognizing the literary device in "real" text.
4. Be prepared to have a quiz testing your understanding of the literary devices we learned about in class.

May 26, 2014

In class we...
1. Continued our literary device presentations. Jade and Billie taught us about Oxymorons; and Camilla and Sadie taught us us about Hyperbole. Great job girls!

Our last presentation will be on Monday in which Luis Felipe and Rochelle will teach us about Foreshadowing.

Homework: Make sure you understand all the literary terms we have learned. We will have a quiz on Friday.

May 23, 2014

In class we...
1. Ashley and Bernabe taught us about Imagery. Great work!
Coming up...
MONDAY- Camilla & Sadie, Jade & Billie

May 21, 2014

In class we...

1. Continued with our literary device presentations. Ashlynn and Lionel taught us about Alliteration; and Lily and Dylan taught us the difference between Metaphor and Simile. Excellent job!

May 19, 2014

In class we...
1. Had our first 2 literary device presentations. Alexa and Kyara taught us about Onomatopoeia; and Melanie, Julie and Isa taught us about Personification. Way to go guys!
Homework: Make sure you're ready for yours!

May 12, 2014

In class we...

1. Discussed the week's plan while Miss Daphne is gone. Wednesday is the last day to work on your literary device project in class. Yes, you can work outside of class; in fact, I highly suggest you PRACTICE your presentation multiple times.
2. Reminded students that presentations start MONDAY with Teams 1 and 2. We confirmed our presentation dates and made sure there are no conflicts. If a conflict comes up, ask another partnership to trade dates with you and inform Miss Daphne of the change.
3. Worked on the literary device project with our partners in class. Miss Daphne gave feedback individually.
4. Handed out a rubric for the literary device "Be the Teacher" project to every student. Quick explanation of the term "annotation."
5. Students annotated their copy of the rubric while we discussed the expectations of the project presentations and how they will be graded.
No official homework...unless you need more time to work on your project. Practice your presentation at home!

May 9, 2014

In class we...
1. Modeled an "engage" activity and discussed the difference between teacher-centered and student-centered teaching.
2. Brainstormed a list of creative and interactive activities for the 4 elements of the literary device presentation: 1) engage/teach, 2) show 3 texts that use the L.D.., 3) practice, and 4) assess their knowledge.
3. Students met with their partner and incorporated at least 1 activity per element of their project. Miss Daphne circulated the room hearing ideas and helping students make their presentations more interactive.
No homework.

May 7, 2014

In class we...
1. Made text-to-text connections between the novels The Music of Dolphins and The Forgotten Door. We talked about the similarities and differences between Mila's and Jon's communication with animals and people.
2. Reviewed the last chapter and the events leading up to the next chapter. Answered clarifying questions.
3. Read pg. 14-25 together (Miss Daphne read aloud.) We discussed the dialogue's dialect and cleared up confusion (as the vocabulary is both dated and from a rural community). Stopped along the way to completed a sequence chart in our journals of the main events of the chapter.
4. Worked in partners on the literary device project. Planning session goal: Find 3 examples of the assigned literary device from 3 different texts and save to a document.

No homework.

May 5, 2014

In class we...
1. Did a mini grammar practice of past tense verbs. Wrote a letter on the white board and corrected mistakes as a class, explaining along the way.
2. Whipped around the room saying our partner and literary device assignment to make sure everyone is clear about their Literary Device Project.
3. Investigated assigned literary device with partner and compiled a page of notes. Today we focused on becoming the expert of the topic.
4. Last 5 minutes - saved our work in the right place for easy access later. Talked about organizing computer into folders ENGLISH-----LITERARY DEVICE PROJECT---INVESTIGATION.

No homework.

May 2, 2014

In class we...
1. In small groups, asked and answered clarifying questions about Ch. 1 in The Forgotten Door.
2. Small groups turned in 3 questions/answers that they discussed.
3. Miss Daphne asked the questions and students took turns answering them.
4. Checked the homework (Compare and contrast of Ch. 1's)
5. Introduced the "Be the Teacher" project. Assigned partners and literary devices.
No homework.

April 30, 2014

In class we...
1. Played one round of the "Once Upon a TIme" narration game in a circle on the floor.
2. Shared with a partner our version of Chapter 1 of The Forgotten Door that we wrote yesterday in our journals.
3. Read the real Chapter 1 of the book alone.
4. Wrote a journal entry: Compare and contrast your Chapter 1 with the real Chapter 1 of the Forgotten Door. Gave specific details of both texts and how they are similar and different from each other.
No homework unless you didn't finish your in-class work.

April 28, 2014

In class we...
1. Miss Daphne's checked homework for completion
2. Shared stories with a partner
3. Handed out The Forgotten Door books
4. Discussed the terms "Narrative, narrator, narrate" and how they are all connected.
5. Identified text features of The Forgotten Door (cover picture, caption, summary, author, # of pages, author, publisher date, etc.) to become familiar with the book.
6. Read the context clues and chose the one that was most INTRIGUING. (Talked about the great word "intriguing". Double checked my spelling while class counted to see how long it took. Discussed strategy of being a good speller: if not confident or looks "weird", take the 10 seconds to look it up and take mental snapshot.) Shared most intriguing title to the small group at our table.
7. Whipped around the room reporting what our friend chose saying, "_ thinks that the most intriguing chapter is __ ."
8. Wrote the first chapter of the book as if we were Alexander Key using the clues in the text features and the Chapter 1 title.

NO homework if you completed #8.

April 25, 2014

In class we...
1. Worked on "Lets Picture Narrative" brainstorming sheet
2. Used the sheet to write a short story in class.
3. Individual conferences with Miss Daphne about goals.

1. Let's Picture Narrative and 2. Short Story DUE MONDAY!

April 23, 2014

In class we...
1. Discussed how we want to end the year and wrote our goals for the trimester.
2. Individual conferences with Miss Daphne about our goals.
3. Completed a "Let's Picture It Narrative" worksheet to tell a story.
4. Write a short story using your notes from the worksheet. You can handwrite or type it. We will spend more time completing it on Friday in class.
No homework.

April 21, 2014

In class we...
1. Welcomed in new student, Julie--welcome!! We whipped around the room and told one thing we did over the break.
2. Discussed the end of the book Walk Two Moons and clarified questions. We re-read the part in the book when Sal and her Gramps played a game: "If were in Phoebe's moccasins, I would be jealous of a new brother..." We played the game in class using our classmate's names.
3. We shared our newspaper projects and took the time to appreciate everyone's section. We read obituaries, opinion pages, articles, travel section and classified ads that the students created about the events and people in Walk Two Moons. We made copies of and played the crossword puzzles, word searches and "Find the Difference" activities made by our our classmates.

No homework.

March 24, 2014

In class we...
1. Completed our English Subject Portfolio Reflections. If you missed class today then you need to do it as homework. You can download a blank reflection sheet from the wiki home page.

March 21, 2014

In class we...
1. Continued to work on our newspaper sections.
2. Revisited the predictions we made before we began reading Walk Two Moons. We discounted, accepted or adjusted our predictions based on the events in the book. We celebrated reading this challenging but wonderful book.

Homework: The newspaper section assignment is due on Wednesday at the beginning of class. We will be doing portfolios on Monday.

March 19, 2014

In class we...
1. Finished reading the book, Walk Two Moons.
2. Discussed the different sections of a newspaper (ie: News Articles, Sports Commentary, Comics, Games: Crossword Puzzles, Word Searches, Find the Difference, TV Guide, Classified Ads, Missing Persons Announcement, Obituaries, Travel Page, Opinion Page, etc.)
3. Assigned a section to each student in the class which they will create using events, characters, objects and ideas from the book.
4. *OPTIONAL* When students finish, they can do another newspaper section of their choice.

Homework: Finish Walk Two Moons- Due Friday. (We will work on the news article assignment in class on Friday.)

March 17, 2014

In class we...
1. Had a special guest, Miss Carolina, who taught us the stress-relieving technique of massage. We discussed how massage can be used to relieve stress, frustration or tension in ourselves and those we love and had hands-on practice of how to do it. Thank you, Carolina, for sharing oyur knowledge and skill with us!

March 14, 2014

In class we...
1. In small groups, we asked clarifying questions about the book and cleared up any confusion. We made sure everyone's questions about the book were answered up to chapter 35.
2. Using the 3 comments/3 questions that the students turned in, we had a mini-lesson on conventions. We corrected errors in spelling, punctuation, apostrophes, capitalization, subject-verb agreement, possessives and adverbs that we found in the assignment.
3. Vases or Faces? (Ch. 32) Looking at the picture you can see 2 different perspectives. We talked about how that relates to life.

No homework. Enjoy your weekend!

March 12, 2014

In class we...
1. Gathered 3 questions/comments and discussed them anonymously.
2. Shared 1 journal from the writing stations with a partner.
3. Discussed each station's question as a class, talking about life changes coping strategies, overcoming sadness, managing emotions and taking positive risks. We analyzed characters' reactions and responses to fear, stress, and frustration in the novel. (Pg. 214, 220)

Read chapters 31-34.

March 10, 2014

In class we...
1. As a class we discussed comments and questions up to chapter 24 of Walk Two Moons.
2. We answered the following questions in our journals by rotated through 4 writing stations:
  • Write about your "Bybanks" - your favorite place. Give descriptive detail like Sal so we can picture it.
  • Write about a time when the "birds of sadness" were flying over your head.
  • Do you choose to live in a locked house in fear like Phoebe or to take risks to live a life more fully? Explain why in detail.
  • What are some of your coping strategies? What do you do when you are scared, frustrated, or stressed? Does it work? Why or why not?
Read chapters 25-30 and write 3 questions and 3 comments.

March 7, 2014

Miss Daphne is out sick today :( so Miss Daniela taught Spanish instead. Keep reading Walk Two Moons-get as far as you can! Have a great weekend and I'll see you Monday.

March 5, 2014

In class we...
1. Discussed foreshadowing in the novel.
2. Put Mrs. Cadaver on trial using the evidence in our journal entries.
3. Read, summarized and discussed themes and events in chapters 15-19.

Homework: Read chapters 20-24, due Friday. Yes, you read ch.24 too :)

March 3, 2014

In class we...
1. In small groups, shared inferences of the boy who knocked on Mrs. Winterbottom's door.
2. Read Walk Two Moons following this pattern:
  • Ch. 9 Read
  • Ch. 10 Read Sparknotes.com summary
  • Ch. 11 Read
  • Ch. 12 Skip (Do not read)
  • Ch. 13 Sparknotes summary
  • Ch. 14 Read and create a bubble chart about Why Mrs. Cadaver looks suspicious.

2. Wrote a journal entry: Do you think Mrs. Cadaver is capable of murder? Why or why not?
3. Gathered completed portfolio piece reflections

1. Write a journal entry:Do you think Mrs. Cadaver is capable of murder? Why or why not?
2. Read chapters 15-17 Write a clue that something bad is going to happen. (Foreshadowing)

February 28, 2014

In class we...
1. Announced the winner of the Land and Sea News Article Contest. Congratulations Rochelle!! Your article will be published on the La Paz facebook page and the Wednesday Newsletter!! Mandarina donated a free smoothie to congratulate Rochelle. Enjoy!
2. Turned in completed Portfolio Piece Reflections. I'm still missing Bernabe, Camilla, Sadie, Billie, Isa, and Dylan.
3. Reviewed the plot in chapters 4-6 of Walk Two Moons. Referring to specific details in the story, students make inferences about the identity of the boy who knocks on the door and asks for Mrs. Winterbottom, then predict what he wants.

Homework: Complete #3 (inference journal) if you didn't finish in class.

February 26, 2014

In class we...

1. Sat in a circle and wrote on paper 1 question and 1 comment about chapters 1-3 in Walk Two Moons.
2. In pairs, answered the questions on the papers, then joined with another pair and answered the questions again. We then asked Miss Daphne any questions that we couldn't answer in our groups.
3. Discussed flashback and how it occurs in the book.
4. Wrote a chart on the board and discussed the 3 separate settings in the book.
5. Worked on our portfolio piece reflection on our Land and Sea Unit.

Read Ch. 4,5,and 6 in Walk Two Moons. Due Friday.
Finish your portfolio piece reflection. Due Monday.

February 24, 2014

In class we...

1. Gathered news articles and turned them in to Miss Kerry to be judged for the contest. We will announce the winner soon! (Thanks to those who made improvements; I will raise your grade .5)
2. Discussed the quote found at the beginning of our new novel Walk Two Moons: "Never judge a man until you have walked two moons in his moccasins."
3. Made predictions about the book using the quote, the cover picture and the title. Wrote the predictions on a poster and displayed it in our classroom. We will confirm, discount or adjust our predictions as we read.
4. Checked out books to students.
5. Read chapter 1 as a class and discussed the multiple plots and settings of the book.

Homework: Read chapter 2 & 3 of Walk Two Moons. If you want to read ahead, you can. :) After you read, you can go to sparknotes.com and read the chapter summaries to make sure you understand the plot. You MAY NOT read only the spark notes; but it is a GREAT resource after you have done your reading.

February 21, 2014

In class we...

1. Returned Land and Sea news articles and reflected on them. Looked over Miss Daphne's feedback and modeled articles that exemplified the 6 + 1 traits of organization, ideas, conventions and presentation. (Turned them back in to be judged in the contest!)
2. FInished the novel The Music of Dolphins.
3. Had a silent whiteboard discussion about the themes, connections, our emotions and opinions of the book.
4. Conducted mini book club discussions using questions drawn from an envelope.
5. Reflected on the book and the Land and Sea unit.
**Bring your improved news article on Monday (printed or emailed) so I can enter it in the contest.
No homework. Enjoy your weekend and I'll see you at Smoovie Night!

February 19, 2014

In class we...

1. Read to chapter 60 in The Music of Dolphins. We wrote and discussed thinkmarks as we went.

No homework.

We will finish it in class on Monday.

February 12, 2014

In class we...
1. Final edit to our news articles with close attention to presentation.
2. MIss Daphne emailed a picture to each student from the estuary field studies.
3. Students inserted the picture into their article.

Print and email (missdaphne@lapazschool.org) your completed news article. We will display them at the Land and Sea Showcase on Friday.

February 10, 2014

In class we...
1. Edited a letter from Miss Daphne as a class.
2. Finished our editing using the "Editing Checklist" then peer edited using the same list.
3. Summarized Mila's emotional transformation during chapters 29-36 in small groups.

Finish your news article! (DUE WEDNESDAY!) Bring it completed to class on Wednesday (no need to print-just bring your computer). We will insert a picture from the field trip in class and then send them tot he English department to be judged! The winner will be featured in our class newspaper!

February 7, 2014

In class we...

1. Gathered and graded thinkmarks
2. Wrote comments/questions/vocabulary on the board and students filled each section pertaining to what they read in The Music of Dolphins.
3. In small groups, students discussed the comments, questions and new vocabulary words.
4. Read The Music of Dolphins together in class and discussed paragraphs and quotes from the reading.
5. Edited our news articles using the "Editing Checklist". We will continue to edit on Monday so bring your computer!

Read to the END of chapter 36 and write a thinkmark for each chapter.

February 5, 2014

In class we...
1. Self evaluated the organization of our news articles and made necessary changes.
2. Miss Daphne worked individually with each student and gave suggestions on how to strengthen the logical flow of paragraphs.

1. Finish organizing your news article and have it ready to edit on Friday.
2. Read The Music of Dolphins chapters 27-29 and write a thinkmark for each chapter.

February 3, 2014

In class we...
1. Edited an email from Miss Daphne on the board together.
2. Discussed the "hamburger" of organizing a 5-paragraph essay and brainstormed possible topics for each paragraph.
3. Discussed MLA format for our articles.
4. Worked on the rough draft of our field trip articles and Miss Daphne gave individual and group feedback as we wrote.

Finish the rough draft of your field trip article. Bring it to class TYPED on Wednesday. We will be revising it in class.

January 31, 2014

In class we...
1. Shared our thinkmarks about chapter 26 in pairs then in small groups asked and answered questions about the book.
2. In small groups, shared our journals about how the Mozart music made us feel.
3. Returned the quiz and modeled exemplary answers.
4. Talked about how 3rd person is appropriate for news articles. Discussed voice and identified our audience and purpose for this assignment.
5. Read an article from Tico Times listening for the 3rd person and voice.
6. Started our rough drafts of our field trip article using our brainstorming sheets that we filled out at the estuary.

No homework because everyone worked so productively in class today!
*Bring your rough draft and brainstorming sheet on Monday so we can continue writing our article.

January 29, 2013

Today in English we:

1. Wrote questions and comments on the board about The Music of Dolphins then discussed them as a class.
2. Students read along in their novels as Miss Daphne read the book to the class. We discussed the events and themes, predicted the ending, and made connections along the way.

Read Mila's journal entry on pg. 89-100 and write a thinkmark about it.

January 27, 2013

Today in English we:

1. Took a quiz on chapters 16-22. If you missed class, please come talk to me about making up the quiz.
2. Turned in thinkmarks for chapters 17-22.
3. Discussed the way Mila felt when she heard Mozart (in the novel The Music of Dolphins.)
4. Listened to Mozart's Symphony #40 in G minor and wrote about how it made us feel.
5. Identified descriptive adjectives that described how we felt.
6. Started reading chapter 23 alone and wrote a thinkmark.

No homework

January 22, 2013

Today in English we:
1. Turned in our Music of Dolphins Ch. 14 and 15 questions. In pairs, we shared our responses to the questions then took one great idea form our partner and added it to our journal entry. Some students reported to the new idea they gained from their partner.
2. Had a mini lesson on capitalization, punctuation and apostrophes.
3. Read ch. 16 in The Music of Dolphins

Read chapters 16-22 and write a thinkmark entry for each one.
Quiz on Monday

January 17, 2013

Today in English we:
1. Discussed what we are reading in our spare time and talked about the many different types of texts: novels, graphic novels, magazines, newspaper articles, cereal boxes, etc.
2. In pairs, read chapters 14 and 15 in The Music of Dolphins and answered a question for each.
  • Question 1 - chapter 14 - "The music is in her ears, it is in her bones, but Shay cannot feel it." Explain this quote - what does it mean?
  • Question 2 - chapter 15 - Mila discovers something very profound in Chapter 15. Describe what she discovers and explain how you think this makes her feel.
Finish the reading and questions and bring to class on Wednesday.

January 17, 2013

Today in English we:
1. Showed Miss Daphne our thinkmarks for chapters 6-10 for a grade (if you were absent, be sure to show them to me when you get back.)
2. Discussed the characters, setting and plot of The Music of Dolphins.
3. Made text-to-text, world, and self connections
3. Read chapters 11-13 together and took turns reading aloud.

No homework. Have a great weekend!

January 15, 2013

Today in English we:
1. Checked and discussed our journal entry homework.

2. Did a news article stations activity.

3. Filled out the news article chart
4. Presented our news articles using our chart

tico times article charts.odt
tico times article charts.odt

tico times article charts.odt

based on these articles.

news articles.doc
news articles.doc

news articles.doc


  • Read chapters 6-10 in the novel and write a thinkmark entry for each chapter (you can write a thought, question, comment, make a connection, draw, etc.)

January 13, 2013

Today in Language Arts we:

1. Debriefed the novel introduction through small group reenactments.
2. Filled in a news article chart while Miss Daphne read the book's news article aloud.
3. Read chapters 1-5 together and discussed as we read.
4. Answered the following question in your journal: What does it mean on page 18 when Mila thinks "I am hearing Shay with no words"?

No homework.

Jan. 10, 2013

Today in class...

1. Shared our journal entries in pairs
2. On butcher paper in 3 groups, we considered the following: Group 1 - How does family affect our social choices and language development? Group 2 - How do peers affect our social choices and language development? Group 3 - How do forms of media - TV, movies, and internet - affect our social choices and language development?
3. Did a museum walk to present our posters
4. Listened to a dolphins video with eyes closed. Imagined what the dolphins are saying and then shared our different guesses.
5. Checked out our new books The Music of Dolphins by Karen Hesse
Read the introduction to the novel (due Monday)

Dolphins Chillout Video

Jan. 8, 2014

Welcome back!!

Today in class...
1. Whole Group Activity and Discussion: Touch your nose, eye, writing hand, big toe. How did you know how to do this? When did you learn this? Who taught you this?

2. Individual Journal Activity: make a T-chart in your journal with the following categories;

- What are social norms? Make a list of what you cannot do in public because it is not a social norm, such as “pick your nose”:

- What are considered proper manners in today's society? Make a list of things you are supposed to do because it is a social norm, or considered proper manners in today's society, such as saying “please and thank you”.

3. Pair Discussion Activity – think, pair, share and then present your partner's answer.

What are some cultural norms that are different for everyone sitting at your table? Discuss some cultural customs or traditions that you do in your family (either celebrating holidays, at dinner time or bedtime each night, on vacation, etc.).

4. Wrote a journal entry:
Some cultural norms/traditions in my family are...

December 2, 2013

Hey portfolio writers!

Today in class we...
-Divided into groups and used the fiction dice to discuss our novels.
-Played "Once Upon a Time" to create a chain narration and focused on developing our story with descriptive details.
-Made sure everyone's portfolio is complete.


December 2, 2013

Hey portfolio writers!

Today in class...

-Wrote, edited, and revised our piece reflection sheet for portfolios. (See below for downloads if you need one.)
-Wrote our final draft when ready.

I edited your first drafts and gave them to Miss Colleen to give to you. Please make the necessary changes and FINISH the FINAL PIECE REFLECTION. Bring to class on Wednesday.

November 29, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class...

-I returned your graded personification poems-well done!
-We reviewed the feedback I gave you on your poem and then shared our poems with a friend.
-We had our final lit circle for our novels. After a great discussion, groups presented a role play of a scene from the book.
-We turned in our completed role sheets to be graded.

*Sadly, those who did not come prepared were not able to participate in lit circle discussion and instead spent the time completing their reading, role sheet, and a make-up assignment (see attached.) If you were absent and missed today's lit circle (I know there were 2 of you), download the make up assignment and bring it on Monday. Note: The make up assignment does NOT need to be typed and does NOT need to be a 5-paragraph essay. It just needs to be 1 page hand-written.

*If you are planning to be absent next week, make sure you complete your English portfolios (there are 2, see below). You can email them to me at missdaphne@prolook.com or give them to me personally.

*Please return your novels to the bookshelf. If you would like to take any books home for the break, kindly check them out with Mr. Adam in the library. Thank you!

November 27, 2013

Hey poets!

Today in class it was CRAZY getting ready for the Night of the Arts; but we still...

-Had our 3rd lit circle discussion. This one was not graded so no need to do a make-up assignment if you missed it.
-Played the Chain Narrative card game.
-Discussed the portfolio and asked clarifying questions.
-Helped set up for Night of the Arts.

The garden walk looks great! Great job working so hard to get your timeline posters, research project, and poems all done in time!
-Read to the END of the book, fill our your last role sheet and prepare for literature circle on Friday.

November 25, 2013

Hey poets!

Today we completed, printed and illustrated our personification plant poems. Make sure you give your final copy to Miss Colleen so it gets uploaded to the blog for the Night of the Arts.

**If you are absent, complete and illustrate your poem and send it to misscolleen@lapazschool.org
1. Finish your Role Sheet for last week's lit circle-Due: Wednesday.
2. Read the rest of the book and complete your final role sheet-Due: Friday.

November 20, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...

-In our book groups we discussed the plot of the book so far and helped each other answer clarifying questions.
-Then we had a mixed group discussion comparing and contrasting the plots in the 3 different novels.
-Gave time to read and prepare for lit circle.

November 18, 2013

Hey poets!

Today in class we...

-Used our brainstorming sheet to create our first draft of the personification plant poem.
-Made tags for our plants that said "This plant is adopted by:" and tagged them in the garden

Homework: Read to pg. 180 and complete your role sheet. Due Friday.

18 de noviembre 2013
Hey poetas!

Hoy en clase hemos ...
-Se usa nuestra hoja de lluvia de ideas para crear nuestro primer borrador del poema planta personificación.
-Hicimos "tags" para las plantas que se dice que "Esta planta es adoptado por:" y los marcados en el jardín

November 15, 2013

Hey critical thinkers!

Today in class we...

-Received feedback on and reflected on our first lit circle. Then each student made a goal for how he/she would improve in today's literature circle. We discussed how to be more inquisitive in our discussions. We also talked about respectful and attentive body language.
-Had our 2nd literature circle.
-Debated the top 5 events in this weeks' reading and made a poster. We then presented it to the class.
-Rated our participation.
-Turned in our role sheet in exchange for the graded one from last week.

*Remember, if you miss literature circle (by being absent or unprepared) you must 1) turn in your completed role and 2) write a make-up essay. You can find them in the back of the "lit circle" binder.

No homework-enjoy your weekend! But if you want to start your 60 pages of reading, go ahead. :)

November 13, 2013

Hey scientists and poets!

Today in class we...

-Learned about personification
-Identified personification in a poem Miss Daphne wrote about a plant.
-Listened again once we learned it was about Miss Daphne too!
-Observed our plant in the garden with brainstorming questions to write our own personification poem. Used a descriptive adjectives list to help us.
-Made connections between the plant's characteristics and our own.

Homework: Read to page 120 and complete your role sheet. Due Friday for the lit circle.

3 de noviembre 2013

Hola poetas!
Hoy en clase...
-Aprendimos sobre personificación
-Encontramos personificación en un poema señorita Daphne escribió sobre una planta identificada.
-Escuchamos de nuevo una vez que nos enteramos de que era sobre de la señorita Daphne también!
-Observadamos nuestra planta en el jardín con cuestiones de intercambio de ideas para escribir nuestro propio poema personificación. Se utiliza una lista de adjetivos descriptivos para ayudarnos.
-conectamos las características de la planta y de nosotros mismos.

Tarea: Leer la página 120 y completar su hoja de papel. A partir del Viernes para el círculo literatura.

November 11, 2013

Hey readers and critical thinkers!
Today in class we...
-Answered clarifying questions about lit circle assignments and expectations.
-Discussed what to do if you miss a lit circle. See this document:
-Talked about the wiki and wrote the link on the board. Discussed the many different ways to find out what we did in class and what is due.
-Read our pages, completed our roles, and prepared for the next lit circle on Friday. I individually answered questions and reviewed role sheets to make sure everyone understood the task and expectations.

Homework: Read to page 120 and complete your roll sheet by Friday.
Do any make up work needed. It needs to be turned in by Friday.

8 de noviembre 2013

Hola lectores y pensadores críticos!

Hoy en clase hemos ...
-Respondí preguntas aclaratorias sobre las asignaciones círculo iluminado y expectativas.
-Discutidimos qué hacer si se olvida de un círculo literatura. Consulte este documento: Archivo: Circle Lit Maquillaje assignment.docx (arriba)
-Hablamos acerca de la wiki y escribí el enlace en el tablero. Examen de las muchas maneras de encontrar lo que hicimos en clase y lo que es debido.
-Leemos las páginas, terminamos nuestros papeles, y se preparamos para el siguiente círculo iluminado el viernes. Contesté las preguntas individualmente y hojas papel opinión para asegurarse de todos entendieron la tarea y expectativas.

Tarea: Leer la página 120 y completar su hoja de rollo para el viernes.
Hacer el trabajo necesario. Tiene que ser entregados antes del viernes.

November 8, 2013

Hey discussion directors, connectors, literary luminaries, summarizers, vocabulary enrichers, illustrators and travel tracers!

Today in class we...

-Had our first lit circle discussion.
-Rated our participation and turned in role sheets to be graded.
-Reflected on our lit circles using exit cards.
-Received a new role to begin preparing for the next one (next Friday.)

Homework: Read to page 120 and complete your NEW role sheet. You can get it from the lit circle binder on the bookshelf in the classroom. Check your group's schedule to see which one you are assigned. Due: Friday (We will have some time in class to read and prepare next week.)

Happy reading!

08 de noviembre 2013

Hey directores discusión, conectores, luminarias literarias, Summarizers, enriquecedores de vocabulario, ilustradores y trazadores de viaje!

Hoy en clase hemos ...
-Tuvimos nuestra primera discusión círculo iluminado.
-Calificación nuestra participación y se convirtió en hojas papel para ser calificado.
-Reflejada en nuestros círculos iluminados con tarjetas de salida.
-Recibió un nuevo papel para comenzar a prepararse para el siguiente (próximo viernes).
Tarea: Leer la página 120 y completar la hoja de papel nueva. Usted puede obtener de la carpeta círculo iluminado en la estantería en el aula. Revise el horario de su grupo para ver cuál de ellos se le asigna. Entrega: viernes (Vamos a tener un poco de tiempo en clase para leer y preparar la próxima semana.)

Feliz leyendo!

November 6, 2013

Hey readers and writers!

Today in class...

-In book groups we scheduled reading pages and roles for the lit circle unit. (We stored those schedules in the lit circle binder on the shelf of our classroom. If you forgot what role you are or wonder what pages you need to read, you can reference the binder at any time.)
-Began reading our novels and filling out the role sheet.
-Answered clarifying questions about lit circles.

Homework: Read to page 60 in your novel (Esperanza Rising, Bud, Not Buddy, or House of Dies Drear) and complete your role sheet. Due: Friday at the beginning of class. You will use it to have your lit circle discussion.
(Note: Lit = Literature. A lit circle is basically like a book club at school)

November 4, 2013

Hey readers and writers!

Today in class we...

-Shared our completed superstition stories. I am impressed with the creative and imaginative plots!
-Discussed our new unit: Origins, talking about how our rich, diverse backgrounds make our community even better.
-Used contextual clues to learn more about our 3 book options for lit circle.
-Students were divided into lit circle groups based on the book they chose to read: Bud, Not Buddy, Esperanza Rising, or The House of Dies Drear.
No homework :)

01 de noviembre 2013

Hola lectores y escritores!

Hoy en clase ...

-Compartimos nuestras historias superstición terminados. Estoy impresionada con las parcelas creativas e imaginativas!

-Examenamos nuestra nueva unidad: Origins, hablando de cómo nuestras ricas y diversas procedencias hacen de nuestra comunidad aún mejor.

-Se usamos pistas contextuales para aprender más sobre nuestras 3 opciones de libros para círculo literatura.

-Los estudiantes se dividieron en grupos circulares iluminados basado en el libro que eligieron para leer: Bud, Not Buddy Esperanza Rising o The House of Dies Drear.

No hay tarea :)

November 1, 2013

Hey readers and writers!

Today in class we...

-Turned in our 4 BIO-POEMS for Number the Stars
-Discussed superstition. Compared superstitions from various cultures.
-Read: Black Dog of Hanging Hill
-Discussed: Is the curse real or fake?
-Wrote our own story using superstition. (Modeled my own story first.)
-Shared stories as a class or in pairs.

**No homework! Enjoy the Halloween party!

October 30, 2013

Hey poets!

Today in class...

-Many students shared their first bio-poem with the class.
-We peer edited the poem to make sure everyone understood the pattern laid out in the instructions. We edited and revised, paying close attention to the spelling of the names of the characters and proper spelling of the words. We used our resources (the novel and a dictionary) to double check. We discussed capitalization in poetry and made corrections. NOW is the point in the writing process when we focus on the convention: spelling, punctuation, capitalization, etc.
-We worked on our 2nd and 3rd bio-poem in class.
-We played a narrative game (very similar to a chain story but with cards that Isa's grandma sent to class.)

**Homework: Complete the final project for Number the Stars: 4 BIO-POEMS about 4 different characters in the book. TYPED. PRINTED. DECORATED OR ILLUSTRATED. Presentation is important, be creative! Due FRIDAY.

October 28, 2013

Hey readers and writers!

Today in class we...

-Welcomed in a new student into our class: Kyara! We learned that she is from Canada and has one sister and a dog.
-Turned in our thinkmarks to be graded. (If you didn't give it to me, you can turn it in on Wednesday.)
-In small groups we rolled literature dice and answered questions about Number the Stars. We discussed connections, predictions, characters, the author, the title, things we would change, questions we had, and our feelings and personal opinions about the book.
-Returned the character trait evidence and analysis assignment and made corrections (focusing on capitalization and spelling errors). Highlighted exemplary ones and discussed why they received a 4. Great job!
-Discussed the FINAL PROJECT for Number the Stars. (See attached) The students will write 4 BIO-POEMS about 4 different characters in the book.
-Used the character trait assignment to start our first BIO-POEM about one of the characters.
Homework: Write 1 (one) bio-poem for the character on your character trait evidence and analysis sheet. It must be typed, printed, and follow the pattern in the attached Final Project instructions that I handed out in class. DUE: WEDNESDAY

28 de octubre 2013

Hola lectores y escritores !

Hoy en clase hemos ...

- Recibidos en un nuevo estudiante en nuestra clase : Kyara! Nos enteramos de que ella es de Canadá y tiene una hermana y un perro.

-Entregamos nuestras thinkmarks. ( Si no me lo dió , puede entrgarlo en el miércoles.)

- En pequeños grupos nos volcamos dados literatura y respondió a preguntas sobre Number the Stars . Hablamos de conexiones, predicciones, personajes, el autor, el título, las cosas que cambiaría, preguntas que teníamos, y nuestros sentimientos y opiniones personales sobre el libro .

- Devolvió el rasgo de pruebas y análisis de asignación de letras y correcciones (centrándose en los errores de capitalización y la ortografía ). Puso de relieve los ejemplares y discutido por las que recibieron un 4. ¡Buen trabajo !

- Examen del proyecto final del Number the Stars. (Ver adjunto) Los estudiantes escribirán 4 BIO -Poemas de 4 personajes diferentes en el libro.

-Se usa la asignación rasgo de carácter de comenzar nuestra primera BIO- POEMA sobre uno de los personajes.

Tarea: Escribe un (1 ) bio - poema para el personaje en su "Character Trait Evidence and Analysis Sheet". Debe ser escrito, impreso, y sigue el patrón en las instrucciones de proyecto final adjuntos que recibió en la clase . DUE: Miércoles

October 25, 2013

Hey editors and readers!
Today in class we...
-Finished the book Number the Stars! We all agree that it's a great book. We completed a thought on our thinkmark and discussed in pairs and together aspects of the characters, made connections, answered questions, and reflected on events in the novel.

October 23, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
Read Number the Stars in character together. We were so lucky to have Ashlynn's grandma come read the narrative part! We discussed topics throughout the novel in a think/pair/share format. We completed a section in our thinkmarks.

October 18, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
-Had Mr. Scott as a sub, thank you Mr. Scott!
-Turned in Character Trait Evidence and Analysis Sheet
-Read Number the Stars together

October 16, 2013

Early Dismissal today!

October 14, 2013

Hey editors and readers!
Today in class we...
-Learned how to peer edit vocally using a peer edit guide and practiced in pairs with our "Fresh Eyes Essay."
-Read Number the Stars aloud as a class in parts, citing features/techniques along the way. (As a class we voted to read Number the Stars instead of Choice Read today since we missed class on Friday due to the Cultural Fair.)
Complete the Character Trait and Evidence Analysis chart for one character in Number the Stars. Make sure to write 5 different character traits in the boxes and give specific examples from the the events in the book. DUE FRIDAY.
-Wednesday is early dismissal so there is no class.
-Friday is progress reports day.

14 de octubre 2013
Hola lectores!
Hoy en clase hemos ...

-Aprendido a editar vocalmente con una guía de edición entre pares y se practica en parejas con nuestro "Fresh Eyes Ensayo".
-Leer en voz alta Number the Stars como una clase en partes, citando características / técnicas de leer. (Como clase, hemos votado a leer Number the Stars en lugar de Choice Read hoy ya que nos perdimos clase el viernes debido a la Feria de la Cultura.)
Completar el rasgo de carácter y el gráfico de análisis evidencia de un carácter en Number the Stars. Asegúrese de escribir 5 rasgos de personalidad diferentes en los cuadros y dar ejemplos específicos de los los acontecimientos en el libro. Due Viernes.

* Notas:
-El miércoles es salir temprano por eso- no hay clase.
-El viernes es día de los informes de progreso.

October 9, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...

-Read chapter 6 and 7 of Number the Stars together taking turns speaking the dialogue.
-Pointed out and discussed reading features/techniques along the way.
-Drew the scene at the end of chapter 6 on our thinkmark.
Just as Annemarie saw her uncle's farm with "fresh eyes" when she took Ellen there, your assignment is to think of something you have become used to and look at it with "fresh eyes." Write a 1-page journal entry describing it using the "Better Word List" I handed out in class to practice using more descriptive adjectives. (Ex: Instead of beautiful, use dazzling.) Handwrite your description in your journal. Due Friday.

I love your enthusiasm for the book! It was great having Jade's mom with us today to read the narrative part!

09 de octubre 2013
Hola lectores!
Hoy en clase hemos ...

-Leído el capítulo 6 y 7 de Number the Stars juntos tomando turnos para hablar del diálogo.
-Señalamos y discutimos características / técnicas de lectura.
-Dibujamos a la escena al final del capítulo 6 en nuestro "thinkmark".

Así como Annemarie vio la granja de su tío con "nuevos ojos" cuando llevó Ellen allí, su tarea es pensar en algo que se han acostumbrado a, y mirar con "ojos nuevos". Escribe una entrada de diario 1-página que describe usando el "Better Word List" que recibieron en la clase para practicar el uso de adjetivos más descriptivos. (Ej:. Vez de bella, utilice deslumbrante). Escribir a mano su descripción en su diario. Due: Viernes.
Me encanta tu entusiasmo por el libro! Fue genial el tener madre de Jade con nosotros hoy para leer la parte narrativa!

October 7, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
-Read our personal endings to chapter 5 aloud in class.
-Read the true end to chapter 5 in Number the Stars while students spoke the dialogues in character.
-Choice Reading: Read and completed a Reader Response Option.
Complete your Reader Response Option, DUE WEDNESDAY
*When you're done, look for ways to expand it even more asking who, what, where, when, why and how.

07 de octubre 2013

Hola lectores!

Hoy en clase...

-Leemos nuestros terminaciones personales en el capítulo 5 en voz alta en clase.
-Leemos el verdadero final del capítulo 5 en el número de las estrellas, mientras que los estudiantes hablaban los diálogos de carácter.
-Elección Lectura "Choice Read": Leemos y completamos una Opción de Respuesta (Reader Response).
Complete su Opción de Respuesta, DUE Miércoles
* Cuando haya terminado, busca formas de ampliar aún más preguntando quién, qué, dónde, cuándo, por qué y cómo.

October 4, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
-Read Number the Stars to the top of page 43 where it says, "...she was awakened abruptly by the pounding on the apartment door."
-Brainstormed ideas to predict the ending of the chapter.
-Pointed out reading strategies and literary devices we found along the way.
-Actively read by assigning students characters and speaking when dialogue came. It helped with quotation punctuation and story comprehension.

1. Write your own ending to chapter 5 predicting what you think happens next! Bring on MONDAY to share with the class. We will read the predictions then read the end of the chapter and compare.
2. Bring your CHOICE READ book on Monday to class. I will NOT give you time to go to the library so please have it ready at the beginning of class.

Enjoy your weekend!
04 de octubre 2013

Hola lectores!

Hoy en clase...

-Leemos Number the Stars en la parte superior de la página 43, donde dice: "... la despertó bruscamente por los golpes en la puerta del apartamento."

-lluvia de ideas para predecir el final del capítulo.

-Señalamos las estrategias de lectura y recursos literarios que encontramos.

-Activamente leer mediante la asignación de estudiantes personajes y hablar cuando llegó el diálogo. Ayudó con puntuacion cotización y comprensión de cuentos.

1. Escribe tu propio final del capítulo 5 predecir lo que usted piensa que sucede a continuación! Traiga el lunes para compartir con la clase. Leeremos las predicciones a continuación, lea el final del capítulo y comparar.

2. Traiga su elección leyó el libro el lunes a clase. Yo no le dará tiempo para ir a la biblioteca para téngalo listo en el inicio de la clase.
Disfruta de tu fin de semana!

October 2, 2013

Hey editors!
Today in class we...
-Edit: Peer edited a peer's Choice Read reader response
-Rewrite: Revised our reader response using peer's suggestions

-Read CH. 3 of Number the Stars
-Predicted the answer posed in the chapter heading: Where is Mrs. Hirshe?
-Read to see which prediction was right
-Completed a section in our thinkmarks
-Complete rewrite of reader response that we did in class
-Complete Ch. 3 thinkmark for Number the Stars

02 de octubre 2013

Hey editores!

Hoy en clase...

-Edit: Peer editadamos elección de un compañero "Choice Read reader response"
-Rewrite: Se hemos revisado nuestra respuesta del lector con sugerencias de compañeros
-Leemos CH. 3 en Number the Stars
-Predijamos la respuesta planteada en el título del capítulo: ¿Dónde está la señora Hirshe?
-Leemos para ver que la predicción era correcta
-Completado una sección en nuestra "thinkmarks"
-Completa reescritura de la respuesta del lector que hicimos en clase
-Completa cap. 3 "thinkmark" en Number the Stars

September 25, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...

-Wrote a text to self journal entry related to our book, Number the Stars: "Would you be willing to die for your king (president/leader)? Is there someone you would be willing to die for? Who and why?"
-Choice reading. Read, updated reading list, completed a reader response.
-Discussed foreshadowing. Talked about examples in Number the Stars and choice read books.

New choice read policy: You must come to class with your choice read book ready. I will no longer allow you to go to the library during class. This will begin on Monday, our next choice read day.

I love your enthusiasm about reading!!

25 de septiembre 2013

Hola lectores!

Hoy en clase ...
-Escribimos un diario (JOURNAL) auto relacionado con nuestro libro, Number the Stars: "¿Estaría usted dispuesto a morir por su rey (presidente / líder) ¿Hay alguien que estaría dispuesto a morir por quién y por qué?"

-Choice Read. Leemos, leer la lista actualizada, completamos una respuesta del lector (READER RESPONSE).

-Discutimos "foreshadowing". Hablamos acerca de ejemplos en Number the Stars y los libros de Choice Reading.

Nueva política de Choice Reading: Usted debe venir a clase con su elibro de Choice Read listo. Ya no voy a permitir que te vayas a la biblioteca durante la clase. Esto comenzará el lunes.
Me encanta tu entusiasmo por la lectura!


September 25, 2013

Hey editors!

Today in class we...

-Learned and practiced how to positively peer edit.
-peer edited a reader response.

Read Ch. 2 of Number the Stars and complete a section of your thinkmark.

September 23, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
-Read CH. 1 of Number the Stars together in class.
-Completed "thinkmarks" while we read then discussed our thoughts afterwards.
-Created a giant character map on the white board as a class.
-Reflected on what we read and how we felt.

NO homework :)
Bring your choice read book to class on Monday!

Hoy en clase hemos ...
-Leemos CH. 1 Number the Stars juntos en clase.
-Completado "thinkmarks" mientras leemos, luego discutimos nuestros pensamientos después.
-Creimos un mapa de caracteres gigante en la pizarra en clase.
-Reflexionamos sobre lo que leemos y lo que sentimos.

NO tarea :)

Traiga su libro de elección "CHOICE READ BOOK" a clase el lunes!

September 23, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we...
-Talked about what a model Reader Response looks like.
-We talked about thinking about what we're reading.
-While we read our Choice Reading book, we used stickie tabs to write 1 question and 1 comment about what we were reading.
-We completed a Reader Response Option.
-We shared our stickie note thoughts with a partner and talked about our thoughts while reading.

Keep reading--it's fun and good for you brain!!

September 20, 2013

Hey readers!

Today in class we will study the history behind the book Number the Stars. Each small group will study a different aspect of Denmark at the time of World War II, create a visual representing the key parts, and present what we've learned to each other.

We'll talk about some reading strategies and get to know our new book.

We will begin reading the book as a class and fill out 2 stickie notes while we read (1 question and 1 comment). We will reflect on our stickie notes and discuss what we've read.

You are going to love this book!

*Number the Stars will ONLY be read in class. Do not take it home with you please.
*Remember to bring your choice reading book on Monday. I encourage you to read that book whenever and wherever you want (except in the shower!)

20 de septiembre 2013

Hola lectores!
-Hoy en clase vamos a estudiar la historia detrás del número del libro de las estrellas. Cada grupo estudiará un aspecto distinto de Dinamarca en la época de la Segunda Guerra Mundial, creará una representación visual de las piezas clave, y presentará lo que hemos aprendido el uno al otro.
-Vamos a hablar de algunas estrategias de lectura y conocer nuestro nuevo libro.
-Vamos a comenzar a leer el libro como una clase y rellenar 2 notas stickie mientras leemos (1 pregunta y 1 comentario). Vamos a reflexionar sobre nuestras notas stickie y discutir lo que hemos leído.

Usted va a encantar este libro!
* Número de las estrellas sólo se pueden leer en clase. No lo tome a casa con usted por favor.

* Recuerde traer su libro de lectura de elección para el Lunes. Os animo a leer ese libro cuando y donde usted quiera (excepto en la ducha!)

September 18, 2013

Hello peace ambassadors!

Today in English we...

Essential Question Discussion."How do individual parts come together to form a peaceful whole?" We discussed La Paz's anchor projects (garden, compost, recycling, pig, Club Blue, Students Sponsoring Students, Volunteer Homestay program and the Blue Flag eco project) and In pairs/small groups explored and then presented how each project answers the essential question.

Book Intro and Journal. We discussed examples of standing up for injustice and wrote a journal entry: "Write about an incident--from your own experience or from your reading--in which someone took a stand against injustice." We are exploring this topic to introduce our novel studies book, Number the Stars. We shared a few journal entries and discussed different ways of standing up to injustice.

See you Friday!

18 de septiembre 2013

Hola embajadores de la paz!

Hoy en Inglés que ...
Pregunta Esencial Discusión. "¿Cómo es que no las piezas individuales para formar un todo en paz?" Hablamos de proyectos ancla de La Paz (jardín, estiércol vegetal, reciclaje, cerdo, Club Blue, estudiantes Patrocinio estudiantes, programa de Homestay Voluntariado y el proyecto eco bandera azul) y en parejas / pequeños grupos exploramos y luego presentamos cómo cada proyecto responde a la pregunta esencial.
Libro Intro y Diario. Discutimos ejemplos de defender la injusticia y escribió una entrada de diario: "Escribir acerca de un incidente - a partir de su propia experiencia o de su lectura - en la que alguien tomó una postura en contra de la injusticia." Estamos estudiando este tema para presentar nuestro nuevo libro de estudios, número de las estrellas. Compartimos algunas entradas del diario y discutimos maneras diferentes de enfrentarse a la injusticia.

Nos vemos el viernes!

September 11, 2013

Happy Wednesday!
Today in class we...
Introduced the CHOICE READING ongoing activity in our class. We went over the process and guidelines of reading with a purpose. Then we went to the library to check out a book for Choice Reading time. (If students have a book at home that they are already reading, that's fine.) We started our reading list that we will use for this activity. You need to bring your choice reading book and list to class every day starting tomorrow. Responses will be written in your journals. See the READING RESPONSE OPTIONS FOLDER on the wall of the classroom for further instructions.

Make sure you bring your 2 emails with the same purpose: Tell about your first week of school. Write one email to your grandma and one to your best friend. DUE FRIDAY. We will use them in class for an activity.

September 9, 2013

It was a great day today!
In English class we:
1. Used our 5 senses observations to write a sensory writing journal entry describing "La Paz from where I sit."
2. Each student shared their favorite descriptive sentence and the class guessed which sense was used to observe it.
2. We learned about the 6 + 1 Writing Traits. We tried to predict what each trait meant in pairs, then groups of 4. Then we learned each one as a class.
3. We talked about the trait VOICE.

1. Signed syllabus
2. English Journal Notebook

See you tomorrow!
Miss Daphne

Welcome to our class!

Sept. 5, 2013
Great week everyone!
Today in English class we:
Completed an "About Me" survey and answered 3 questions on the back:
1. Do you like to read? Why or why not?
2. Do you like to write? Why or why not?
3. What are some of your favorite books.

We discussed our favorite books and made a class book list which we posted on the wall. Feel free to add any suggestions you have!

Don't forget to bring on Monday...
1. Signed syllabus (Le adjunto uno en ingles y español)

2. Journal Notebook (to be left in class.)

-This week we have been talking about how we can have a peaceful and productive class this year. In groups, the students brainstormed and expressed many great ideas through skits and a rap. We created a bubble graph with the ideas and posted it on our classroom wall. We will continue to add ideas to the poster throughout the year. We discussed the class expectations which can be found in the syllabus.

-We played an ALLITERATION NAME GAME to get to know each other better.

If you have any questions or comments please email me at
or leave a message below.

Have a great weekend!
Dynamic Daphne :-)