6th Grade MathematicsMatemáticas de Sexto Grado2013-2014Miss Colleen
4 de Julio:Topic: Finish Circle GraphsHW: My favorite La Paz moment
3 de Julio:Quiz on trianglesTopic: Circles -Review of Area and circumference-Constructing a circle graph using a compass and dataHW: Circles activity
2 de Julio:- Triangle Scavenger Hunt- Review of angles, lines, points, trianglesHW: study for quiz
30 de Junio:Exploration of triangles:-construction with compass and rulers- defining characteristics- Video and triangle activities
HW: Social & Emotional reflection (due tomorrow)
Remember to answer the following Social Growth and Reflection questions for your trimester III portfolio: Be as specific as you are comfortable with. You may respond in either Spanish or English.
  • If you could speak to the students who will be in your grade next year, what advice would you give them regarding the social challenges of your age group?
  • How did you grow socially this year? What changes did you notice in yourself? What changes did you notice in your peers?
  • Are you satisfied with your friendships as they are now? What, if anything, would you change about them?
  • What challenges did you have in your social life? What did you learn from them?

23, 25, 26 de Junio:Portfolio Reflections (for all subjects)
16 de Junio -18 de JunioTrip to Monte Verde!!Staying at Terra Viva
13 de Junio:Introduction to solids (p. 438-440)a) Copy flow chart in notebookb) Work on p.441 (24 A)c) Freehand Drawings of shapes (442-443)
d) Have students complete this fun on-line game about 3-D shapes

12 de Junio:Warm-up:
1. (3 x 4 (12 ÷ 6 X 3) )
2. 12 ÷ 4 (18÷ 3)

3. (3 (15 ÷ 3 X 3)
4. (3 (21 ÷ 3 X 3) )
5. (5 (16 ÷ 4 X 5) )

Read over 136 as a class
Work on 136-137 exercises 1-6

Part III: Go On-line: Have students review angle properties of triangles, quadrilaterals, regular and irregular polygons (p1,2,3 on the website below):


Part IV:
*If done with all of these, students may play the “Who wants to be a Millionaire” game that they may have tried yesterday.
Then Students may review Order of Operations by playing the game:

11 de Junio:

  1. 4 (16 ÷ 4 + 5) =
  2. 5 X 4 + 3 – 2 =
  3. 3 x 9 -2 + 3 x 7 =
  4. Have them create a PEMDAS problem and have a partner solve.
Definitions:*Polygons:*Regular polygons* Irregular polygonsDraw examples with definitions
10 de Junio:MATH: Introduction to Geometry
5 de Junio:Math Test and skill work
4 de Junio (DOUBLE MATH DAY!)
Preparation for test: Review
HW: Review outline2 for test
Theme: Algebra expressions/Distributive propertyUnit rates and ratios, area of geometric shapes

3 de Junio
Science class!
However, review will be handedout for Thursday's Math test!
2 de Junio
No school
30 de Mayo:Finish Algebraic equations activityBegin prepping for test
29 de Mayo (x 2 classes)Warm-up: area of polygons, unit rates,Start Algebraic equations from word problems (with tiles)HW: none
28 de Mayo:Algebraic expressions & terminologyHW: Finish problems
28 de Mayo:Warm-upDistributive Property
22 de Mayo:Warm-upReview of distributive propertyIntroduction to PEMDAS (order of operations)HW: PEMDAS

21 de Mayo:Warm-upWeekly skill workSubmit homeworkFinish Science review (will have twoMath classes on Friday)
19 de Mayo:Distributive property with equations and algebra tilesHW: Complete expressions for each step of magic trick (using variables)
14 de Mayo:Warm-upNew: Weekly Skill WorkFinish of Science class:Conversions with temperature
12 de Mayo:Warm-upINtroduction to Math MagicUsing Algebra Tiles
6 de Mayo:(Two classes)Dividing fractions (in word problems).HW: Dividing fractions.

5 De Mayo:Determining Unit Rates:An investigation of Ruta La Paz RunnersHW: None
2 de Mayo:Warm-up: Problem 7-28 Unit RatesSolving Ratios and Rates (finish two problems)EXERCISE ACTIVITY: ratios and unit rates!!HW: (BONUS CREDIT)
Look up 3 runners (final times) from Ruta La Paz. It can be any three runners, or 3 runners you know. Based on the times they gather, determine the unit rates (time per kilometer) for each person. Bring information to share for an activity on Monday!!! Yahoo!

1 de Mayo:NO SCHOOL
30 de Abril:Warm-upRates and Ratios: Steeper lines and faster rates 7.1.3HW: Come prepared with clothes for moving around (and sneakers) as we will be be doing some exercisefor math on Friday.
28 de Abril
Rates and Unit Rates
Investigation 7.1. 2

25 de Abril
Introduction to rates: purpose and uses in the real world
Investigation 7.1. 1

24 de Abril
Warm-up: Area and PerimeterFarmer Fred Activity(area, perimeter, logic problems)
23 de AbrilWarm-up: Area and PerimeterFarmer Fred Activity(area, perimeter, logic problems)
21 de AbrilWarm-up: review of dividing decimalsComparing rates
Week of 24-28thNo Math Classes: (in -place of classes, see below)-Infectious Disease Projects- Reproductive Systems & Puberty talks-Wellness Classes
21 de Marzo:No Math classes: Water Sampling
19 de Marzo: Area and Perimeter: Overall
18 de Marzo:Area and Perimeter of Trapezoids
13 de Marzo:Area and Perimeter of Triangles
10 de Marzo
Review Long Division with Decimals for HomeworkWatch this website:

6 de Marzo:decimals (+ - review, division and multiplication)
HW: see papers attached
5 de Marzo:HW:Sign onto the following website and then take a screen capture and send:


23 de Febrero:No classHanded out Unit Review for tomorrow's Math class
20 de Febrero:* Large Class Discussion* Solving for "x", 3 ways of representing ratios,determining number of tiles with developed formulasHW: See attached
18 de Febrero:Warm-up: Review definitions, different processesSolve for "x" in a proportion and determining if variables are proportionalHW: varied for each group (if you've forgotten, check with a person from your group today)
17 de Febrero:Warm-upReview of Ratio and their uses in proportionsReview of solving for "x" in a proportionSmall group work ratiosHW: none
14 de Febrero:No Class: Portfolio Science
13 de Febrero:Review of RatioKhan Academy Video
12 de Febrero:Math class on ratiosHW: Ratio Review
11 de Febrero:-Class switched for Science test
6 de Febrero4.2.3 Reduction and enlargement ratiosHW: p. 337 of packet 4-69 & 4-70(You should take your notes home so you can use them forfraction/ratio problems).
5 de Febrero:Warm-up:
4.1.2 Reductions and EnlargementsHW: None
3 deFebrero:
Warm-up: decimal, fractions, percentsEnlargementHW: finish enlargements
30 de Enero:Warm-up Review HWGroupingsTopic: solving for variables/distributive propertyHW: See 2 attached documents

29 de Enero:Warm-up: Review of homeworkLesson 4.1.2 Writing general expressionsHW:

28 de Enero:Writing Equivalent RepresentationsHW: 4-15 Extra Credit 4-17 and 4-19
24 de Enero:NO HW: Field Trip to Estuary
22 de Enero:Warm-up : Review of Croakie problemsProblem solving with variablesHW: Finish 4.1.1 (problem 4-4 -problems a and b)Some other students have additional work
21 de Enero:Homework:Do the "Croakie" problems on the attachment below

15 de Enero:Warm-up: ReviewFractions to decimals (beyond basics)HW: Fraction to decimals

13 de Enero:Warm-up:Review how to read decimalsNotebook rubric
Finishing portion triangle (fractions to percents)HW: reading decimals (part one and two)

10 de Enero:*Decimals to percents*Percents to decimals*Fractions to percents (basic)*Percents to fractions
9 de Enero:Portions: HW reviewPortions on number linesSmall group activityHW: None
8 de Enero:Introduction to Portions: Fractions, Percents, DecimalsDefinition of "per-cent" & Different representations of portions &Small group workHW: fractions, percents and decimals on a number line
2 de Deciembre:FINISH PORTFOLIO REFLECTIONS:Most of you have finished and can take a nice,relaxing evening off. There are a few of youfinishing them up. Have them ready by tomorrow morning!
28 de Noviembre:

Portfolio Reflections
HW: Finish SCIENCE reflections

21 de Noviembre:
Review of division of fractionsMethod: Copy-dot-flip-flop, solveHW: Night off - much research to be completed by tomorrow in Science
20 de NoviembreDividing Decimals:Rules: Copy, dot, flip-flopHW: Exercise 8E:
18 de Noviembre:
Submit Math Homework
No class today
14 de Noviembre
Small group work
FractionsHW: fraction problems
13 de Noviembre:
Small group work with facts
Large Group: Equivalent Fractions PowerpointSmall group work on equivalent fractionsHW: Each of 3 groups wrote in agendas

12 de Noviembre:
First 20 min: Nature Observations
Final Presentations
HW: Finish Reflections if not submitted today

11 de Noviembre:
Reflection Edits
HW: Finish Reflection
6 de Noviembre:
Submit Dream houses
Work on fractions (improper to mixed)
HW: Finish (or start) improper to mixed number and vice versa
30 de Octubre:Small Groups:1) Multiplication and Division Mini-assess & Make 500 game2) Introduction to Mixed Numbers and Improper Fractions (initial converting)3) Adding and Subtracting fractionsHW: FINISH DREAMHOUSES DUE FRIDAY!!!
28 de Octubre:Science class only
23 de Octubre
Review of factors and multiples
Introduce least common multiples & LCMHW:1. 1/3 and 1/42. 1/10 and 1/53. 1/6 1/44. 1/2 1/125. 1/8 1/6
7-Octubre- 18 de Octubre
Finalize dream houses.HW: Organize a ride in the next few days to take model home.Model will be due on Thursday, October 24!!
4 de Octubre:Finishing details/marketing/final presentation prep.HW: None for Math....study for Science Quiz tomorrow: review attached

3 de Octubre
Continuation of Teacher Conferencing/ Calculation Check-inFinal Calculations!!!Some students work on marketing materials for architectual /firm/ adding of uniquely shaped rooms.HW: Complete general calculations if not finished in class.
1 de OctubreFinish drafts, shopping for furniture and writing in packet.HW: Finish all furniture shopping with prices(IKEA, Target, Ashley Furniture, Pottery Barn)
30 de Septiembre
Draft #3 and calculating construction costs.HW: Work on calculations & Read Rubric to see ways to improve your overall project

26 de Septiembre
Review of Finding area & perimeter for unusual shaped rooms
Dream House: area and perimeter of each room
Then using scale factor
HW: Finish area and perimeter of rooms that were unfinished in class
Miss Colleen will meet with each of you individually if you still
have questions about your calculations. You must TRY them first.
Use the back of your folder with directions on area and perimeter.

25 de Septiembre

Review of Finding area & perimeter for rooms (brief overview)
Creating Blueprint of house
HW: Find area and perimeter for three rooms

20 de SeptiembreLesson on "Using Scale"Students determine where they will build their houseStudents begin drafting their blueprint taking into considerationrequirements of project.HW: Scaling activity
19 de SeptiembreReview of all components of Dream House ProjectCompletion of graphing componentNo homework
18 de Septiembre
Review of HomeworkIntroduction of Dream House project-checklist, expectations, rubricsHW: For $5000 find 6-10 prices of Costa Rica materials (asmodeled for US prices on chart)Finish graphing from previous homework assignment
9 de Septiembre
Identifying how graphs are useful ways to display data.Introduction: Histograms & Scatter PlotsHomework: Determine two areas of interest about Costa Rica that you would be interested in graphingex. Rainfall each month, different languages spoke in different regions, avg. temperature

5 de Septiembre
Review of Area & PerimeterMini-assessWork on InvestigationDiscuss results: Why is perimeter linear measurement
4 de SeptiembreIntroduction of Area and Perimeter-Definitions/Look at sample problems-Small Group exercise-Large Group Check-in/ Direct Instruction- Area/Perimeter Investigation (small group)Closing: Drawing connections to thematic essential question.


Remember that you can email me at misscolleen@lapazschool.org. Keep in mind that I don't read email after 7pm.